The ice is melting!

Why Ice Will Melt?

Why Ice Will Melt Records? Easy to tell: Because there are so much good music and talented artists in the world! Many of them go unnoticed. High time to change that a bit!

Ice Will Melt Records loves funny, quirky, lively, loud & soft tunes. Most important: Special tunes! Tunes you´ll remember!

Ice Will Melt Records loves weirdpop, powerpop, indiepop, electronic pop, postrock, instrumental soundtracks, deep down singer-songwritertunes, even rocker stuff, in case its nerdy and passionate. Or Both. Of course Ice Will Melt Records loves ironic and slightly nasty songs!

Ice Will Melt Records ist a little boat. Just about to set sails on the mighty Darm Creek. Off to new adventures!

The Label is a One-Woman-Project. Eva-Maria Vochazer is the creative force behind Ice Will Melt Records. Sshe´s been a music journalist for over ten years, writing mainly for Nordic Music aktiv. She is also a veteran music blogger at Polarblog. And she even has a new blog project running for over a yera now, called Plan My Escape. The first German blog on the supercreative Belgian pop music scene. Check it out!

Ice Will Melt Records ist curious by nature. Ready to try out loads of new things! But the main goal is:To bring out a lot of inspiring music!

The Darm Creek (intestine river!) really exists. Check it out!