Exciting new tunes!

Hey there, it´s time to party! The mighty Rythmatik are very welcome on Ice Will Melt Records! The Icelandic indierocksters have won the most important newcomer competition and are bursting with fun and energy. Time to put on your dancing shoes to their fabulous debut „Grin & Panic“!

The third signing are acoustic indie pop band Good Omens from Helsinki. Their soundscape is built upon rich vocal harmonies, subtle guitars and catchy drum rhythms mixed with playful melodies played on cello and piano.

The second signing are Helsinki-based folk band Is This Really Me. Their first album „The Iron Door“ is a psychoanalytical reading of Dostoyevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov. Each song on the album is a different exploration of the cave-like structures of the psyche where our realities begin to take shape. Wow!

Hooray, exciting new tunes! The first signing are dreamy Finnish folkpopsters The Birds Of Passage. The Helsinki duo has created quite some stir in the Nordic scene with its self-titled debut album. High time for these high-flying birds to be introduced to the „European“ Market!