Influenced by pop music from the late 60ies

Is This Really Me

The Iron Door
  • Title: The Iron Door
  • Year: 2017
  • Catalogue number: IWM003

Existential philosophy in folk format!

Helsinki-based band Is This Really Me has something unique to offer: Existential philosophy in folk format! The musicians released their debut album „The Iron Door“ in Finland in August 2016 on the Marsu On Paras label.The album was recorded in Jaala´s mysterious gymnasium and takes its imspiration from very diverse influces ranging from Werner Herzog movies to literature from Dante to Julia Kristeva to Dostoyevsky and, last but not least, human rights issues.

The key to opening the iron door ist a psychoanalytical reading of Dostoyevsky´s novel „The Brothers Karamasov“. Each song on the album is a different exploration of the cave-like structure of the psyche where our realities begin to take shape. The unpredictable and violent nature of psychological reality is deconstructed in soft, folky musical arrangements influenced by folk music from the late 60ies and early 70ies. The power of human experience lies in our capacity to sense – through our bodies, through language, through dance and music. Is This Really Me is not a band, but a living cytoplasm.

According to singer and main songwriter Panu Artemjeff the ovbious answer to the Fermi paradox „where is everybody“ is that there must be better parties going on in the universe. This is our challenge – more music will need to be recorded and performed it we want them to take an interest in us.

Inspired by Dostoyevsky´s novel "The Brothers Karamazov"

Let the sun shine in!