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Rythmatik is an Icelandic indie rock band. Known for their tight and powerful live performances the band became a househould name in Iceland after winning the National Icelandic Battle of the Bands in 2015. The group is currently planning the release of their debut album.

Since winning the Icelandic Battle of the Bands in 2015 Rythmatik has come a long way. After spending two years constantly writing, rehearsing and performing their patented powerful and energetic live show to sold out audiences around the Reykjavík area the band finally decided to buckle down and begin working on their debut album.

Recording began in the spring of 2017 with 12 songs scheduled for release. Concerned with capturing the enormous force and dynamics of their popular live show, the band spent countless hours arranging the music, layering guitars and fine tuning each song to its full potential, attempting to bring years of intense live performances into a single recording.

The result, Grin & Panic, is a dynamic and lively rock album perfectly representing the bands development and growth, from a tiny fishing village in the Westfjords of Iceland to the nations capital and onward to the larger stages of Europe.

Grin & Panic will be released in the summer of 2018 through Ice Will Melt Records in Germany and distributed through Germany, Switzerland and Austria. While striving to expand their fanbase further by seeking out contacts in the U.K. and Scandinavia, and a live set equipped with brand new visuals and lights show to go with their new album, Rythmatik is now more than ready to take their act to the next level.

Grin & Panic

Grin & Panic
  • Title: Grin & Panic
  • Year: 2018
  • Catalogue number: IWM005

Press Photos (Photo credit Hard Rock: Florian Trykowski. Photo credit new promo: Snorri Sigbjörn Jónsson)

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