Me and the rural figerfighters orchestra

Almost famous

I haven´t told too many people yet that I am just establishing a record label. First things first: Get the t groundwork done. Get everything ready so that the first EP can come out soon.

Just mentioned the record label thing passingly at a family reunion in rural Southern Germany. Occasion was my nephew Luca´s birthday. Luca is a promising football talent. His football coach was just standing next to me by chance. I never met the guy before in my life. „Ah, you have a record label? Well, you need to know that my son plays trumpet in the local firefighter´s orchestra! My son has also just started a band with some guys, they are great! They play reggae! Have a listen to them!“ And he scribbles something down on a piece of paper, hands it to me and keeps on going over his son´s great deeds as an aspiring reggae-musician. I don´t tell the guy that I am not into reggae at all. Sure, first thing I´ll do tomorrow is sign this band, the musical heroes of rural firemen´s glory.

Things like this actually happen a lot. And I have only just started! Almost famous without having one single release out. Oh my!