I’m inside free enterprise!

Oh my, what did I start?

My desk looks like its close to suffocating. So much stuff! How can this possibly be? I tried to get some order into things just yesterday! Even moved some papers into the drawer, marked as „done“. I am an orderly German, am I not? Thing is only: There is new material coming in on a daily basis. A seemingly endless flood. Have to read & digest everything properly, in order to get things right. Stuff to be checked on the contract. Also I have to protect naming rights. Maybe someone evil wants to steal „Ice Will Melt Records“. Had a lengthy conversation wiht theGerman Patent & Trade Mark Office. The lady there didn´t seem to know much more than me about protecting labels & sent me loads of „highly informative texts“ on the matter & how to proceed properly. Ouch! Than the mighty Mr. Strecker who is doing the actual pressing of the first album needs more stuff. Lena Thiele, the wonderful graphic designer who did the logo & the EP-Cover, needs some input. On my desk, there are heaps of crumpled paper on the promo text for the first release. I do of course want to writer a supe deluxe promo text for my first band!“ Peter Bickel from Polarpixel, who created the label website, has even more to-dos for me.

Oh my god, what have I done? Am I crazy founding a record label? Every now & then, I am really sweating. Boring days are gone forever. Come on, keep cool! Lots of new stuff to be learned. This is so exciting! I am inside free enterprise!